Ruby Cabernet

A family favorite; this Ruby Cabernet goes well with any occasion. It is smooth with a hint of oak, berry and tobacco. It is grown from a Ruby Cabernet grape in 2017 from the Midland area.

Renegade Red

A fine red blend that has been aged in whiskey barrels. It has a spicy finish. You will smell and taste hints of plum and pepper.

Vintner’s Choice

2013 Tempranillo grape oaked in Midland, Texas for 6 years. It’s a full bodied wine with flavors of blackberry, cherry and tobacco. It has an alcohol content of 15.6%.

Cattle Guard Red

This wine is from Whistling Duck Winery in Weimar, Texas. (One family – Two Texas wineries). This is a sweet red blend with medium fruity flavors with hints of plum and cherry.


Tempranillo 2019

Light bodied red wine with hints of cherry. It’s dry. It can be served room temperature or chilled.

Busted Oak Cellars Tempranillo Reserve

Tempranillo 2019 Reserve

Our Tempranillo Reserve is aged in oak barrels for one year. This dry red has a nice peppery and smokey nose.



Dry Malbec with a late finish

Double Barrel Red

Red Malbec wine that has been aged in whiskey barrels.

Busted Oak Cellars Tempranillo Reserve

Texas Two Step

Our Tempranillo red wine that has been aged in bourbon.


Ramblin' Red

A dry red wine blend.

Reveille Red

A sweet Malbec wine.


Vintage Lace

2019 semi-sweet Blanc du Bois. These grapes were hand picked here at Busted Oak. It exudes aromas of tangerines and peaches.


This semi-sweet Blanc du Bois is infused with cranberry. These grapes were hand-picked here at Busted Oak. Wanderer is an unique experience. It is a beautiful combination of cranberry and kiwi.

Busted Oak Cellars Richochet Rosé

Richochet Rosé

Initially, the dolcetto grape was found only in Italy. Now grown in the States, this dry rosé was grown in the Texas High Plains. It has a crisp clean taste. You will taste hints of strawberries and cherries. (A rosé is made from red dolcetto grapes aged without the skins.)

Round Toppin’ Rosé

Malbec Rosé

Blushing Bride

This red and white blend (blush) has flavors of citrus, strawberries and peaches.

Blanc du Bois

2019 dry Blanc du Bois. These grapes were hand-picked here at Busted Oak. This is a crisp wine with hints of citrus. It has a smooth finish.


Orange Muscat

Sweet white. With flavors of citrus.

Muscat Canelli

A sweet wine grown from the Muscat Canelli grapes from the Texas High Plains. This wine has a fruity finish and a wonderful aroma. It’s perfect for any occasion.


White wine that is dry and crisp in flavor. Best served with family and friends.

Wood Duck White

Dry white wine blend that family and friends can serve for get-together occasions.


Best served with wine!

Charcuterie Board  |  $27

three cheeses, three meats, nuts, bread, crackers, fruit and spread.

Cheese Board  |  $15

Two Cheeses, Crackers, Bread, Spread, Nuts and Fruit.

Pizza  |  $15

Build Your Own Pizza. Select Your Own Crust, Sauce, and Toppings.

Meatball Platter  |  $15

Tray of barbecued meatballs covered in sauce.

Pulled Pork Sliders  |  $14

Four Sliders served with barbeque sauce and pickles.

Hummus With Naan Bread  |  $12

Trifecta Dip and Chips  |  $12

Guacamole, tomatillo salsa, and queso with a bowl of chips. 

Soft Pretzel  |  $5

Soft Pretzel Bites  |  $7


Soda |  $1

Topo Chico  |  $3


Red/White Sangria Glass |  $9

Red/White Sangria Pitcher  |  $24